Dr. Martin Edwards


Dr. Martin K. Edwards LDS RCS (Edinburgh) BDS (Dundee) GDC No. 48785

Martin worked in the NHS in Scotland for four years, and became disillusioned with the system, mainly with the excessive speed required which he felt was in conflict with the best interests of patients.

In 1980 the Chief Medical Officer for Shell Exploration and Production asked him to join the company. They needed to recruit a dentist to provide quality care to Shell personnel, following many complaints about availability of care in the area.

Martin designed and implemented a new dental service at the company headquarters, which became very popular with Shell Staff in Aberdeen and offshore.

After eight demanding but professionally satisfying years, the wanderlust struck, and he went on to work for eleven years for the Saudi American Oil Company in the Persian Gulf. This was a ‘high tech’ clinic system operating in full compliance with the Joint Accreditation Committee of American Hospitals. His work there took him to Al Hasa, Abqaiq, Dhahran, Ras Tanura and Tanajiib.

Oil Company funding has enabled Martin to attend an impressive number of postgraduate courses in the USA and the UK. He chose to settle in Truro in 1999, and brings the benefits of that experience to 37 Lemon Street. Martin believes the best dentistry is no dentistry. Where dentistry is necessary, it should be minimally invasive, and done with care and attention to detail. Martin does not use silver-mercury amalgam for cosmetic and health reasons.