Child’s Dental Care


At Truro Dental Care, we are all committed to the best care for our children’s teeth. We believe that the comfort and psychological development of our young people is of paramount importance.
They are especially vulnerable in their formative years We recognise that mums and dads have different opinions too, so our recommendations are not engraved in tablets of stone. It is safe and reasonable to be flexible with children’s dental care, and there are always choices.children brushing teeth
We promise to listen to what you hope and expect for your children, and then arrange for the treatment that you are happy with.

We recommend that you bring your child after their second birthday for a brief ‘tooth counting’. This allows you to ask questions on recommended modern preventive techniques.

It also ensures an easy introduction to dentistry for your baby. What could be better than hello, nothing to be done, and fun stickers for years, rather than waiting for a problem, and then a first visit which is bound to be a source of some stress, because they are in pain?