First Visit


We are an established practice which grows chiefly by personal recommendation. If you are seeking a quality family practice, we would be happy to welcome you. We pride ourselves on caring dentistry.girl with nice teeth

For your first visit, a full examination and then a friendly chat is often all that is needed or required. This gives you the opportunity to explain what you need or expect from us. We only provide treatment at a first visit if you ask us to, for example, if you have an immediate dental problem such as pain, a broken tooth or bleeding gums.

During your first appointment, we carefully examine….

1. The ‘soft’ areas inside and around your mouth. This includes checking for signs of cancer, pre-cancer, and other diseases.

2. The health of your gums, and your vulnerability to gum and tooth problems. Bleeding gums are a sure sign of infection. Recent research show us that if your gums are infected, the bacteria in your mouth can spread into the rest of your body through your blood stream, and disease will surely develop if not corrected.

3. Your teeth, (whether natural or not!). If any problems are detected, we will inform you. This may be fillings that leak but are not yet causing pain, ledges on old repairs causing bleeding, hairline cracks or erosions causing sensitivity to cold, a bad bite causing headaches. You may wish to draw our attention to perhaps one dental concern of your own.

4. Your treatment choices. We shall discuss the pros and cons of any appropriate treatment options with you. If you prefer to do nothing for the time being, you will benefit from having the correct information, which is often enough to put your mind at rest about your dental condition. If you decide you wish to proceed, we will always provide you with a written estimate, with full details of cost and payment methods. We always recommend the treatment we would provide for our own family. There is absolutely no obligation to have any treatment at your first visit with us. It is your body, and therefore your choice. Our role is to inform first, and in that regard, we are happy to make appointments for second opinions on other dentist’ treatment plans.

Our aim is to explain how you can stop or stabilise any dental disease you may have with the minimum amount of work, and to prevent further progression where possible. Your hygienist will show you how to be your own ‘Dentist’ at home, using the appropriate techniques for your own mouth. If you follow their advice, you will benefit from needing less dentistry in the future. Prevention is better than cure, and modern dental prevention is very effective at helping you keep your teeth for life.

For your convenience, we stock many of the dental cleaning aids we demonstrate for homecare. Good homecare is the key to preventing dental diseases. Our commitment to you is to show you how to achieve this.

Your Future Dental Care at Truro Dental Care

Our aim is to help you prevent dental disease and maintain good appearance.
We believe the best dentistry is no dentistry, but if dentistry is required, it should be good dentistry.

Good dentistry is more precise, and lasts a long time.

Good dentistry prevents further breakdown, and is more comfortable both during the treatment, and after it has been completed.

We have a great support team.

We are here for the long haul to support you in reducing or eliminating tooth decay and gum decay.

Our goal is ‘teeth for life’, and to help you achieve the smile you want.