The following guide gives the price range of some common forms of treatment. It is impossible to give fixed prices for treatment here. However, after your examination, you will be given an accurate quotation. This will list all proposed treatment, for your information and approval.
New Patient Consultation £48.00
Consultation (future visits) £36.00
Radiographs from £16
Panoral (OPG) £55
Hygienist (first visit) £55
Hygienist (future visits) from £36.65
Cosmetic Fillings from £51.45
Root Fillings from £180 to £570
Tooth Whitening from £325
Crowns from £310
Dentures from £270
Dental Implants from £1500 (per implant)
Botulinum Toxin Type A from £208.95
This is of necessity a very limited listing of treatments available. We support the OFT report on Private Dentistry and are totally committed to a fair and open pricing policy. All our staff will be happy to assist with answering any questions you may have.

These fees do not apply to Denplan patients, who pay a monthly premium for the treatment options they have chosen, and not a fee per item. We have a dedicated line for Denplan patients for their convenience. This number is 01872 225172.